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Nonimmigrant visas are those issued to citizens of other countries who wish to come to the U.S. on a temporary basis for business, tourism, study, work, or investment opportunities. More than 20 different categories of nonimmigrant visa classifications currently exist. Whether you are an individual looking to temporarily visit the U.S. or an employer who seeks to bring someone here temporarily, you need the services of an organized and focused attorney to smooth the way, anticipate any problems, and keep your paperwork and documentation on target.

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Change of Status

Many non-immigrants enter the United Status in one status and may decide to change to another nonimmigrant status while in the United States. This can be done if the nonimmigrant entered lawfully/legally with a nonimmigrant visa, that nonimmigrant visa is still valid, and he/she has not committed a crime that would render him/her ineligible.

Visa Extensions

Visa Extensions or Extensions of Stay can be granted if an individual is eligible for an extension of his/her current nonimmigrant status and the extension is applied for before the expiration of the individual's authorized stay in the United States.

The Law Office of Joanne M. Fakhre can provide dedicated legal assistance toward achieving your objective. Our Jacksonville nonimmigrant visa lawyer, Ms. Fakhre, is an immigrant herself and has been committed to practicing immigration law since 2003. We can answer all your questions and walk you through the process, providing honest and realistic answers that will help you understand the process and possible issues that could arise.

What are the Different Types of Nonimmigrant Visas?

Examples of nonimmigrant visa classifications:

  • B-1: Visitors for Business, such as for conferences, meetings, to purchase goods, or conduct negotiations, or for professional athletes to compete in tournaments
  • B-2: Visitors for Pleasure, such as tourism or for medical visits
  • The Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens of participating nations to come to the U.S. for tourism or business for up to 90 days without a visa
  • E-1 Treaty Trader
  • E-2 Treaty Investor
  • F-1: Student
  • F-2: Visas for the dependent spouses and children of a person with an F-1 Student visa
  • H-1B: Specialty Worker, allowing U.S. employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations
  • H-4: Dependent, issued to the spouses and children (under 21) of H-1B visa holders
  • H2A/H2B: Agricultural worker and skilled or unskilled workers for one-time occurrence, or intermittent or seasonal work
  • J-1: Exchange Visitor
  • K-1 and K-3: Nonimmigrant visas for a spouse or fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen. These visas allow the fiancé(e) or spouse to stay in the United States until they are officially married to the U.S. citizen or while they wait for their immigrant petitions to be processed by USCIS.
  • L1A/L1B: Visas for Managers and Executives / Specialized Knowledge Workers
  • R-1: Visas for Nonimmigrant Religious Workers

Even if your nonimmigrant visa situation does not fall into the above categories, get in touch with our Jacksonville immigration attorney. We strive to stay up to date on all immigration issues and can get you started.

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Immigration procedures can be very complicated; the average person has little background in understanding and applying these complex laws. Give yourself the peace of mind you need to navigate this process by relying on the Law Office of Joanne M. Fakhre. We are here to take care of the many details involved in seeking your nonimmigrant visa.

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