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If you are facing removal (formerly known as deportation) from the U.S., you are most likely worried and fearful of the outcome. You need the services of an immigration attorney near you who can thoroughly review your case and find viable ways to seek a defense against your removal from this country.

At The Law Office of Joanne M. Fakhre, P.A. we have kept America great, one immigrant at a time™ since 2006. If you have received a notification that you are facing removal proceedings, choose an experienced immigration lawyer in Jacksonville who understands the immigrant experience. Attorney Fakhre and her team are ready to provide you with legal strategies tailored to your needs or help you understand your options when it comes to deportation. Not working with an experienced lawyer can result in your removal from the United States. Contact us today to ensure a better chance for success.

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Common Reasons Why Removal Begins

Deportation or removal proceedings can be initiated for a number of reasons, such as immigration violations (entering the United States without a visa or lawful documents), violating the terms of a lawful admission by overstaying or working without authorization, immigration fraud, misdemeanor or felony criminal convictions, employment violations, being a member of a prohibited group or organization, and individuals who have become public charges within five years of their entry, or failing to depart after a final order of removal. If any of these things has happened to you, do not hesitate to reach out to a Jacksonville deportation defense attorney. An experienced one will know what options are available to you and help you prevent or stop the deportation process.

Ways to Stop Deportation

Even if you have been accused of committing fraud, such as marriage fraud by the Department of Homeland Security or if you are convicted of certain crimes, there are ways to stop removal. It is very important that you contact an attorney to thoroughly review your case and determine whether you qualify for available relief.

There are several forms of relief from removal. The most common are:

  • Cancellation of removal
  • Asylum
  • Temporary protective status
  • Adjustment of status
  • VAWA
  • Voluntary departure
  • Withholding of deportation
  • Immigration waivers

What is the Deportation Process?

If you have received a Notice to Appear (NTA), within the month, you will get another notice about your initial hearing or master calendar hearing (MCH). It will provide details as to when and where it will take place. The hearing can take place within a few months to a year after receiving the NTA, so be sure to make note of the date and time of it. If it is missed, you will most likely lose any chances of fighting against deportation.

After the hearing, the immigration court will then schedule a merit hearing. These usually last for 4 hours or more. In some cases, they may take more than one day to resolve and the judge will schedule a continuation at a later date. It is advisable to have an experienced removal attorney by your side before this hearing because the immigration court judge will not ask questions or help you in any way to win your case.

If the decision is not in your favor, you have the right to appeal an adverse decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). And in unusual cases where new evidence related to the case was not considered by the judge, you may also ask them to reopen the file for a motion to reconsider. However, you cannot file for this motion if you have already appealed the decision to the BIA.

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